Content Highlights from BalancedComp

Content Highlights from BalancedComp

2014, Oct 09    

Relevant and Compelling Content

The challenge with marketing a B2B SaaS product is the subject matter can be very dry. When your audience is interested in connecting with your product on an emotional level, like we found BalancedComp clients do, we worked diligently to offer warm, welcoming, open communication.

Below are a few examples where I was exceptionally proud of the result.

National High Five Day

We found that most of our clients felt under appreciated. With this brief video (shot on an iPhone 6 and edited with iMovie), we wanted to make our clients feel appreciated on a random holiday. This post received more than 300% increased engagement from our mailing list. Read the post

What Color Is This Dress?

Capitalizing on the meme of the moment, we wrote about the infamous “dress” and how perspective changes the way we see things. This novel take produced 157% more clicks than an average email. Read the post

2014 Year In Review

Read the post

International Picnic Day

When I joined, the balancedComp brand had a tone and voice, but didn’t write content that was in harmony. Based on the success of the High Five Day post, I wrote to reinforce the self-care message, and made a post with downloadable resources to take one lunch break off. Read the post