Finding Tradition

Finding Tradition

2019, Dec 24    

Um. What now?

A few years ago, my family wanted to get in touch with the traditions of our ancestors. Researching my Danish roots, we came across Nisse (pronoced like “niss-ay”). The tradition holds that around the solstice, the tiny sprite would be mishcevious with the inhabitants of the homestead.

The trickster elf appealed to us in sevearal ways.


This year, we planned a stealth mission. We secured second hand clothes to create costumes for three characters. Not so much out of style, but with their own unique style. After an evening photo shoot, we printed the photos and covertly brought them to each celebration. Once there was a window of opportunity, we placed the photo in an obvious yet discrete place. The photos had a link to this page.

That may be why you’re here.