2015 Class of 40 Under 40

Along with 39 of my peers, I was named to the Wichita Business Journal 2015 40 Under 40 class.

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How much should you boss’ boss make? It’s hard to be a VP of HR. But imagine the dread Board of Directors for your regional Bank when the inbox updates...

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2015 Innovation Awards

In 2014, I led more than a few efforts at building the tech, software, and startup communities in Wichita, Kansas. For those efforts, I was recognized in the first ever...

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Content Highlights from BalancedComp

Relevant and Compelling Content The challenge with marketing a B2B SaaS product is the subject matter can be very dry. When your audience is interested in connecting with your product...

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2013 Newsmaker Award

In 2013, the Wichita Business Journal compiled a list of 23 groups and people to honor as “Newsmakers.” The individuals on the list were chosen because their work made waves,...

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Talent On Parade Administration System

Incremental Progress In 2006, I helped Talent On Parade with the technical hurdles of accepting electronic payments through a mobile connection. At that point, it was not as simple as...

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BalancedComp Salary Administration SaaS

Salary Administration That’s a term that is understoond well by the best people in Human Resources. It’s also a term that those in management have heard used, and likely don’t...

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